With a compact footprint, the AC-44 Tap is an ideal solution for applications requiring high-quality sound capture, including web conferencing, telemedicine, huddle spaces, classrooms, and more. Offering crystal clear speech intelligibility, the AC-44 Tap removes the barriers that unclear audio creates.

The AC44 Tap has a modern USB-C connection which allows for a faster data transfer rate, updated and better conversion rate for a clearer and more defined sound,, and a capacitive touch mute switch, only triggered by a human finger, to discretely mute the audio signal at the touch of a button without showing a “Muted” status on your video conferencing software

The AC-44 Tap features an LED indicator that illuminates blue for active or red when muted, making microphone control a clear and transparent process for all.

Wide Sound Coverage

The AC-44 Tap uses MXL’s signature 3-capsule boundary design to enhance direct sounds while mitigating noise and echoes within your workspace. The microphone’s wide 180-degree cardioid pickup pattern provides excellent coverage – focusing on sound sources in front of the microphone and eliminating unwanted noise from the back. The AC-44 Tap has the flexibility to work in a single-user workspace, a medium huddle space, and even classrooms and medical facilities.

Plug and Play

Powered by a simple USB-C connection, the AC-44 Tap offers plug and play functionality – no drivers or installers are needed. Connect the mic and set it as your audio input device.

Mic type

USB microphone


Three capsule boundary design

Frequency response

30 Hz – 20 kHz

Polar pattern

180-degree wide cardioid

Signal to noise ratio

91 dB



Sample rate


Bit depth


USB output

USB type C

Analog output

3.5mm line level direct feed

Size and weight

3” x 2.5” x 1” / .5 lbs

Metal finish



AC-44Tap, 6’ USB C to USB Type A

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